As I mentioned in another post early last fall, my daughter requested crocheted animals for my grandchildren as gifts. Not really having a lot of experience with this type of crocheting I searched for helpful tips that I knew could help. I wanted to make sure that the animals would withstand children playing with them, in other words I wanted them child proof, yet fun and desirable .

Having received several e-mails on this class, I chose the one from Annie’s Crafts, Learn to Crochet Amigurumi. Once I purchased the class, it was mine to keep and I have access to it now whenever I need. The class instructor is Michele Wilcox.

In this class I crocheted four adorable animals, a pig, a duck, a frog and a fox. The patterns themselves are adorable and the class is marked for beginners.


I really loved this class. It was fun and had very clear and easy to follow instructions. The video for the class was very well done. The camera angles were perfect for seeing how to execute the stitches. Thank you very much.

The detail in the clothing is what set the animals apart form other patterns that I have seen. From the pocket on the pigs overhauls to the flower on the fox, I was delighted with details.

There is a pattern for a small afghan that you can make for each animal. I made a matching one with the left over yarn for each one in different colors. So my granddaughters would know which one went with which animals.

Michele Wilcox gave me a lot of little tips and pointers to ensure that my animals would come out nice, and that they would be safe for little hands.

The best part is because each animal require less then a skein of yarn I was able to crochet all four animals with using only my yarn stash.


I would highly suggest you watch the video as you crochet and follow the patterns. I found a few areas in the patterns that did not match the video instructions. I opt for video over the written instructions for the pig ears.

The pigs ears were different in the video vs. the written instructions.
The curl on top of the duck was not mentioned in the video

I also wish they had put chapter divisions in the video instructions for each animal. It would have made it easier to go back and rewatch a step I needed more help with.


If you know someone who would love to know more about crochetings animals, this might be a class you would enjoy. The instructor makes the class enjoyable and is very helpful to show you the tricks to help you have the desired success you may not have considered. The patterns themselves are cute and the children were eager to play with them. I received so many comments from my friends on the animals, that it encouraged me to continue on to the other animals. I would, without hesitation, not have trouble recommending this class.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.