Last fall my daughter asked me if I would crochet animals for the grandchildren’s 2017 Christmas gifts. While watching her mother crochet her entire life, it never occurred to her that she was taking me down a road I have never traveled. I have crocheted my entire adult life, but I had never really attempted animals. I agreed with her and thought they were cute, but my  passion lies with afghans.

So unbeknownst to her, I accepted her challenge to my crochet skills. With seven grandchildren to surprise and only four months, I quickly searched and found the patterns I wanted to work. One of the ones I liked was this Tommy and Tammy Tortoise by Janine Holmes at Moji-Moji Design. The download pattern was $5.00 and that included the two large tortoises and a baby one.

Although this was the last one I crocheted, I thought it would be the first one to share with you.  This was a perfect pattern for the novice that I definitely was feeling like. It was very detailed and loaded with pictures and I used a larger hook than suggested since I wanted to make them a little larger.


I crocheted the 2 larger parents in less then a week each. For the smaller ones I brought Lion Brand Bonbons Yarn. They are a set of 9 miniature skeins, the perfect size for the small, very quick to crochet turtles. I loved all array of colors that came in the package as well, because it allowed for no duplicates.. Now I could give each of the children a small turtle for a Christmas Eve gift. That something small for them to play with until we opened the larger gifts.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 8.34.44 PM

The larger ones went to my four year old grand daughter. I used the safety eyes for hers and made sure everything was securely sown. It has been three months since she has received them and I am told that she still enjoys playing at her tea party with them.

If you have crocheted animals and would like to share your experiences please feel free.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.