I have always loved crocheting dishcloths since my first year of picking up a hook and skein of yarn. They were small projects that helped me to learn many new stitches in a short amount of time. So as I opened the 59th kit of Annie’s Hook & Needle club showing me the supplies to crochet or knit three dishcloths – I was delighted indeed.

Although the kit bears the same title as my second kit, that is where the similarity ends. The kit comes with six patterns, and you can choose crochet or knit them. If you have been reading my blog any amount of time you know that I always choose crocheting.


The yarn is Premier home cotton yarn, and this was the very first time I had an opportunity to crochet using this yarn. I have to say that the colors are beautiful -Annie’s had chosen – Ocean Splash – Honey-dew Splash and Tangerine Splash, all 3 bright and colorful.


The yarn was easy to work with and I was glad to see that they were available at my local JoAnn’s store. Only time will tell if they pass the test in my kitchen after a few nights of washing dinner dishes, at the moment I have no reservations that there will be a problem.


Once you receive your kit, you will have to have an I-9 crochet hook and a tapestry needle on hand. Once that is obtained just open your kit and relax as you crochet three dishcloths while with each one you learn a new stitch. The three Annie has chosen for this kit were, the eyelet stitch, the ribbed stitch and the seed stitch. Although I have worked the ribbed stitch and seed stitch it was the first time for me crocheting the eyelet stitch. I opened and finished this kit in the same day, but if you wanted you could spread it over three days.

I am rating this kit a perfect 10. Based on my grading scale:
-5 points for good, clear and easy to read patterns
-3 points for the yarn: easy to work with, enough to finish projects and be able to repurchased it if I like it.
-1 point for overall enjoyment of the kit itself
-1 point if I could ever see myself reaching for the pattern for a second go around.

Let me know if you enjoyed this one as much as I did.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.