I have been a part of the Annie’s Hook & Needle club for over five years and I was told that my kits will become more sporadic in the future because of kits I have completed once before being sent. Having not received a kit for over five months I have decided to try a different club that they offer.

I have always enjoyed learning new stitches and have crocheted several sampler afghans throughout my crochet journeys. So, after receiving several email’s for Annie’s Crochet Afghan Block-of-the-Month Club – I have decided to try it for a month and see for myself if it is worth pursuing. I can see right away it is a club in which you are sent a good quality yarn, and patterns for three squares -to help you complete a 30 square stitch sampler afghan.


In every kit you will receive the following:
Written patterns for three squares
Enough yarn to complete the squares
Easy-to-follow DVD lessons


In the first kit there were patterns for a single crochet square, double crochet square and a V- stitch square. Annie’s said in the description that the square skill level would increase as you advance in the club.


The first kit also had four free gifts for you…

FREE Gifts #1 and #2: Crochet hooks “H” and “I” are the tools you need to make your afghan!
FREE Gift #3: Illustrated Stitch Guide. This must-have reference will become your favorite go-to guide!
FREE Gift #4: Tapestry needle — perfect for weaving in ends and picking up stitches.

The yarn was Afternoon, worsted weight light taupe which is always very enjoyable to work with. It is a little early to tell if I will enjoy the club or not, it will depend on the stitches that are chosen for the afghan. The DVD was very well done; an excellent camera view of how to perform stitches was very easy to follow and I believe it would really help for those of you unfamiliar with the stitches that you will need to work. I thought it was a nice added feature to help a struggling crocheter’s to finish.

Let me give you a tip just in case you miss it in the DVD – it is suggested that you save all left over yarn to help with the edging of the afghan. I could not get confirmation on this one thing. I am assuming the club will run its course in one year. I deduce this because there are 30 blocks in the afghan and with three a month, even with additional kits for the edging, I can’t see it running more then 12 months. But no one at Annie’s could confirm my conclusions.

With the warmer weather just around the corner, my timing was great as this is the perfect club. The small very portable blocks can easily be carried with me for the more livelier and on the go spring season.

Only time will tell if I will enjoyed this club, but I can state Annie and I are off to a good start. With the DVD tutorial’s accompany this kit makes it more likely for me to recommend it to a beginner crocheter. For me a lot will depend on the stitches that have been chosen for the future blocks.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.