The Lord had blessed me with a very thoughtful husband. This year instead of the traditional candy and flowers, my loving hubby surprised me with a gift off of my crochet wish list. I awoke on the 14th to a Luxja Small tote bag which can help store and carry all my crocheting tools in one bag. No more running to one of three bags looking for the right tool!!

Last year my goal was to have a fully stocked and organized Kitchen for easier baking and cooking. This year, my attention has turned from my kitchen to my crocheting needs. One of my first and most aggravating problem was, that I would prefer to go to one spot and grab one bag or container and have all my tools for easy use. Naturally when I was done, I could return them for easy storage. I also would like one bag to carry to class that contained everything I needed to teach any crocheting class. The solution was a compact bag with lots of pockets, a place to hold hooks and a large inner pocket to hold the larger tools.


The 10.5″ x 5.5″ x 10.5″ Luxja bag is made of heavy duty nylon, with well padded lining and lots of pockets. The front is sporting a large zipper pocket that is holding my most used aluminum crochet hooks. It is like having a built in crochet hook holder- just unzip that, and there they are. One caution here though, the flap holding the hooks – if not on a flat surface will allow all the hooks to fall out of their holders. If there is one suggestion I would make to the designers it would be to place a double zipper here. By doing this I could zip the pocket half way and still remove my hooks without them falling out.


The back of the bag has 7 slots for inserting my Afghan crochet hooks, my double ended crochet hooks and my broom sticks needle. I place a small pom pom in each slot to hold my hooks a little more secure and less likelier to fall out.

There are two pockets on each side holding scissors, markers, pens, a highlighter, ruler, gauges and more hooks.

This brings us to the the large inside pocket surrounded by four smaller inside pockets. Three are open and one has a zipper. This is holding all my other tools from the pom pom makers to stitch dictionaries.

It was not the original bag I had chosen (that one was discontinued), however, I found out through experience, that when God closes a door He will open a window and that is usually a better way to go. So it is for this gift.

My hubby found the bag on Amazon for $26.99, and chose gray instead of black for the color. If you are looking for a small bag, this one is a good quality bag. You might not want to use it to store your tools, but for a project bag instead. It said in the description that it holds two skeins of yarn leaving a little room for a project.

Finally after carrying the bag for a few weeks, I would like to take this time to thank my hubby for a helping me inch a little closer to completion of my goal this year.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.