I wanted to take a small detour from reviews and travel a different road on this post. I spent most of last year updating and organizing my kitchen so that I am now just two items away from having my kitchen completely organized and ready for Christmas baking. I don’t know how, but it seems to be just around the corner. Next year, I would like to devote more of my attention to gathering some new crocheting tools, because although I have been crocheting for many years, I have not kept up with all the latest tools and gadgets out there.

So one of the resolutions for 2018 that I will focus on are obtaining the things I don’t have that make finishing a project so much easier, and a lot more enjoyable. Before we continue, I want to clarify that I am not saying that I have definitely decided on each and every item on this post nor endorse anything at this point. I am still in the research stage. Reading reviews from others crocheters and deciding if it is something that would really benefit me and adding it to, or removing it from my final wish list- is the first step here. Please, I do so covet your input and comments on any item listed. Please help me to become more informed so that I can make better buying choices.


My first and most aggravating problem is that I would like to go to one spot and grab one bag or container and have all my tools for easy use and return to them for easy storage. As of the time of this post I have tools scattered in three different spots. I have been looking at the DeNOA hanging knitting and sewing accessory tote as item number one. It is a portable, hanging tote with three center pockets and many outer pockets. It appears to have met some of the criteria I am looking for to organize my tools and keep everything handing in one spot. The thing holding me back for being certain is that I can find very few reviews on this products.

Second on my wish list is Blocking board puzzle pieces. This is high on my list. They are 9 foam interlocking mats thatare Extra Large and Thick. Each one is 12 inch x 12 inch making 3ft x 3ft sturdy blocking board, .78 inches thick, so T-pins don’t stick out the back. This is one tool which will make blocking so much easier and therefore more likely to get done. In my life, the easier things are, the quicker they are completed.

Third is a Fold Up pattern holder. This a device that is designed to hold your pattern for easier viewing and helping you keep your place and your hands free. There is many varieties of these and I have not pin pointed which one I would like, yet it is something that I know I would enjoy and benefit from having.

Fourth, I have small clover pom pom makers (which I truly love but that is for a future review) however I do not own the large pom pom makers. So I am adding that to my list as desirable tools for the future.

Yes I know my list is growing, but the wish list is for dreaming and I enjoy dreaming large. So the fifth thing is to help me with my ever growing yarn stash. It is a WPI Dachshund Dog Wraps Per Inch Tool. The description with the tools describes it best so I just copied and pasted what it said. ( This cute little WPI Dachshund is a handy little tool for measuring the thickness of any yarn. Simply wrap the yarn around his long little belly into the inch wide notch. Compare the number of times your yarn fits in the slot with the key under his chin and you’ll know if you’ve spun up a bulky, worsted or sport weight yarn. All weights of yarn from Bulky to Lace are represented in the key that’s engraved right on the tool. )

Sixth; is The Gleaner. It is a tool that is said to be the most effective pill remover out there, and so far I have read really great reviews on. If you have been crocheting as long as I have you will have pillows, afghans and etc laying around that are starting to look old from pilling. This is a device to help your projects look like they are brand new.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am not as young as I used to be. Sometimes when I give into a crocheting binge my body does not seem to enjoy it as much as my mind does anymore. This is why I am considering a Body Rite Posture Pleaser. It is a device that slips over the shoulders, and straps around your waist. This helps your shoulders and back to settle into proper, comfortable alignment. It is an ergonomic treatment for pain caused by prolonged activities like crocheting. If this works, we should have some happy people around.

Eighth on my list is a Sock Blocker. This is a perfect tool for blocking wet socks; they dry to the sock shape and size. Made of sturdy and flexible acrylic material. Unfortunately, it is not one size fits all, instead they come in small, medium and large. So if you are wanting to crochet socks for you and your husband, you will need to buy two. If I decide I would like one I also need to decide on wood or plastic. I don’t know the advantages of one versus the other.

Ninth, and last on my list is something you might not think of as a crocheting tool. I crochet to not only make amazing things, or to challenge myself to learn a new skill but above all- to relax. Crocheting is my escape from a very hectic world. So for me, this next product is a tool for crocheting. It is the Syntus 300ml Wood Grain Diffuser for Essential oil’s. Now if you may not be into oil’s, in that situation maybe you could add a nice scented candle to your list. Whatever it is that helps you relax and take in the full benefit of enjoying yourself while you crochet, utilize it. In this very busy and very demanding world of 2017 I found I needed to make time in my schedule for relaxing and collecting my thoughts and relieving the stress. When I didn’t the world had a way of taking over my time.

Do you have a wish list of your own? Have you already had experience with one or more of the products I listed? Or is there a tool not mentioned here that you would love to have added to your crochet tool supply? If you can say yes to any of these questions please share it with us all.

I want to remind you all again, in no way yet- is there an endorsement of any of these things. Possibly in the near future, with hands on experience and speaking with manufacturers, that could change.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.