As I received the Nesting Stash Baskets, the one thing that struck me the most upon opening it, was the realization that this was my fifty kit. How the time fly’s when your fingers are moving so! Once I opened the manila envelope I thought, “My how perfect!” I gazed upon a pattern booklet that could create either three crocheted or 3 knitted colorful baskets.

In addition to the written instructions , the Nesting Stash Baskets kit came with three skeins of yarn. Approximately 160 yards of red bulky (chunky) weight acrylic yard for the larger basket, and 140 yards each of of aqua and taupe bulk (chunky) weight acrylic yarn for the medium and small baskets. As for me, I needed to provide a size I crochet hook, a tapestry needle and stitch markers.

The pattern is an easy level one, written very clearly and easy to follow. I loved the fact that they added lots of illustration to help with any misunderstandings. To complete this kit you will need to have a working knowledge of chain stitch (The Chain Stitch), half double crochet (Half Double Crochet), single crochet (The Single Crochet) and double crochet (The Double Crochet). And for those of you who enjoy a little challenge, you will be working this project in rounds, and will need to know the single and double crochet decreases. (Single Crochet Decrease and Double Crochet decrease)

My first two baskets worked up very easily and I had no problem with the desired outcome. However, when I finished my large red basket, I could not get it to stand on it’s own. So I decided to call Annie’s and ask for their advice. To my disappointment I was told they no longer give help over the phone and that you now have to seek any advice over the internet. I really liked the fact that you had the option for both, as some people who are not as computer savvy would shy away from the computer and struggle through on their on. Below you will fine a copy of mine and their emails. I opted for a smaller hook and it helped to resolve the problem.

E-mail to Annie’s;
First, so disappointed about no longer being able to call. Not everyone is computer smart, so that will stop several people from going to you for help.

The problem: I am crocheting the Nesting Stash Baskets that I received as a kit. Love your club. My first two baskets came out really nice, but the larger one is not standing as I would like. Any suggestions?

Lastly, on the back of the pattern is a statement that there is a video tutorial available (which is a great idea) I am having some trouble locating, could you send a link? Thank you. Pamela

Hello Pamela,
Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding Nesting Stash Baskets. First, apologies. You should have received an insert with your instructions stating that the mention of a video was inaccurate. There is no video accompanying this pattern. Second, as for the larger size not wanting to stand up as straight, there are a couple of things you can try.
1. It may stand just fine once filled. Sometimes they just need that weight in the middle to push the sides out and up.
2. You could redo it on a smaller hook. It might be that your gauge is just a bit looser on this larger basket. But even if it isn’t a tighter gauge, ie smaller hook, would make sturdier sides.
There are a lot of resources available on the internet that you may find helpful with your query. You can try our Stitch Guide at http://www.StitchGuide.com or do a Bing or Google search about the topic of your query.
Britt Schmiesing
Pattern Services

I am not crazy about the plastic containers that I had in my bathroom, so I replaced them in my bathroom. The baskets are now housing my bandaids, hair doodad’s and bath items. They definitely brighten up the otherwise inconspicuous area.

Sidenote: Just incase you did not receive the insert with your pattern. On the pattern it states that their is a video tutorial for this kit on the Annie’s Websight. (Which I think is a brilliant idea) Unfortunately in this instance some thing happened and the video is unavailable at this time.

I am rating this kit a 9, losing one point for the yarn labels arriving in unmarked, and unable to repurchase again labels. I loved the vivid colors and the yarn was easy to work with, even after I ripped out the red one and reworked it. I am disappointed that I am not able to work with it again. Other than this one point, the pattern was very well written and the outcome of the end results were great. I could easily seeing my self enjoying this pattern again in the future.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.