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After a quick family gathering of brainstorming, we all decided on giving homemade gifts for the grandchildren. I know from experience that homemade gifts are special for several reasons. Besides the fact that they are fun to make, they are original and the one of a kind gifts that they will grow up to cherish and possiblyl becoming a part of our family heirlooms.

After the excitement of the huddle wore off and reality begin to set in. To be honest, with seven grandchildren, my first thought was I wished we would have talked earlier in the year. Would I have enough time? After surfing the internet for patterns and idea’s for projects for children my initial apprehension subsided, and my confidence began to return. After deciding on the patterns, and looking at the work involved it was becoming more feasible and foreseeable to complete all the projects in time.

I always try to make gifts that were of high quality and within my skill level. After all, making home made gifts is not the time to crochet above my ability or to give something that you yourself would be embarrassed to admit to making. Obviously I want the children to be excited about the gift, and enjoy long hours of playing with it.

So after the the smoke had cleared, my daughter and I had thought that stuffed animals, or in some cases families of stuffed animals, would be welled received. The only exception being our oldest grandson, who requested lots and lots of books.

On the other side of the country, my son suggested a stuffed animal for his youngest, and several Star War characters for his oldest.

Now, after this morning I know without a doubt that this is is the direction that God wants me go. An old crochet student contacted me out of the blue and asked me to crochet one of the exact same animal patterns I had picked out for my youngest granddaughter!! She is buying the pattern, the material and paying me enough to buy the patterns needed for the my grandchildren projects. It was perfect timing and a nudge in the right direction. A heavenly approval it seems, doesn’t it.

Word of advice:
When either I am cooking, baking or crocheting gifts, the rule I like to like live by is -not to give anything to others that I would not like to receive myself. Do not ever pass on low quality projects or food on to someone else, just to get rid of it.

Have you thought about Christmas yet? The next five months will be gone before you know it.

As for myself, in addition to my Annie’s kits, I will be crocheting animals this year.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.