When I first opened my 49th kit from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club I have to admit that my first response was that of one of the utterly disappointment. The pattern itself was cute, stylish and one might even say practical. The problem was that it resembled the 19th kit (Classic Tote) (Kit 19: Classic Tote Review) so closely that I felt as if I was crocheting an old patterns vs. a new one.

The Uptown tote kit came with two skiens of yarn, one pink and the other black, a total of about 315 yards of yarn. As with the Classic Tote kit I needed to use an F hook and a tapestry needle.


Although there was some variations, the pattern was similar to the first tote I did. It was clear to read and easy to follow. I have already crocheted several of the first ones, so I know I like the pattern enough to crochet it again.

The yarn used in the kit was Caron Simply Soft which I always enjoy working with.

I am really not reviewing this kit as fully as the others, because I felt I have already done so. If you crochet this kit, you might want to read the review for the Classic Tote, as I had a few suggestions to help make the crocheting process more enjoyable.

I am rating this kit a 6 – I think the lowest score to date. Mostly because of the unoriginality of the pattern. There are so many kits I have seen on the internet that I have patiently been waiting to receive over the last four years. The Uptown Tote kit that I received in April, made me feel cheated, and like I wasted my money.

I am sharing the pictures of some of the kits that I have found on the internet that I am looking forward to finding in my mail box.

What are some of the kits you are looking forward to sinking your hook into?

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.