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If you are still undecided and at a loss figuring out how to participate in National Crochet Month, I might have a suggestion for you. Before I started blogging I had a blank journal that I would add pictures to and some pertinent information that I called my Crochet Journal. Remember that this was back in the dark ages, before internet and the availability of the many types of journals and templates so easily accessible today.

After placing a picture of a project or useful article on the page, I would fill in the following information:

Where I found the pattern.
If it was a gift who I might give it to,
the washing instructions of the yarn.
Any personal observations I had about working the pattern for future reference.
The hook, especially if I used a different one then what the pattern called for.
The yarn I used.

It was not fancy in any ways, but it did help me remember the projects I had worked over the years. When I started my blog I kinda of got away from it and blogging replaced my Crochet Journal. In a lot of ways it helped to prepare me for blogging, by writing down my feelings and thoughts on each project.

This could be a small investment simply by buying a blank journal at Walmart, or a larger investment by purchasing a journal designed for cataloging crocheting projects. Nowadays they have many templates on the internet for downloading that could be placed in a 3 ring binder. Although I have not personally checked out the usability of this app, I did find one in the iTunes Store for a digital journal of your projects that you could keep on your iPad or iPhone. ( I would caution anyone who uses the digital road to make sure of the dependability of how the information is stored.

Which ever path you decide, consider this month to start a journal. If not for your self, how about as a keepsake that could be passed down to your grandchildren children as part of your family legacy? Think about it as you look lovingly on them, is there one there who will carry on the crochet torch? As I am aging, I am realizing how important it is to inspire and influence the next the generation to keep this art form alive.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.