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In February I decide to invest in one of Annie’s On-line crochet classes, The Beginner’s First Doily. (Beginner’s First Doily)  This is the least expensive of all the Annie’s online crochet classes, costing me only $6.99 to add to my library. This class is part of a larger class, and if you act on it like I did and purchase this one-first, you will receive a code for $5.00 off the “Learn to Crochet with Thread” class.

The entire class is less than 41 minutes to view. Then, upon watching again as you work the “easy skilled” doily, you could crochet it in one short evening. Making this a great class for relaxing one night and one that will produce quick results with a finished project.

It is not a class for a novice. You will need a working knowledge of the chain stitches, (The Chain Stitch) single crochet,(The Single Crochet) double crochet (The Double Crochet) and treble crochet. (Triple/Treble Crochet)  However, the instructor, Susan Lowman, does teach you how to follow a symbol chart to complete a small lace doily. So if you would like more experience with reading charts, or if you would like to try your hand at working with thread, then this is the recommended class for you.

Things you will learn in addition to reading charts. You will;
Learn how to work and join rounds.
Learn how to single crochet in a ring to form the first round.
How to change colors.
Learn to work a simple treble crochet shell.

Susan did a wonderful job in demonstrating the process. I had no trouble understanding what I needed to do to complete the project. I was also given access to the pattern for pdf download, so that I could follow alone with her.

Some suggestions:

I agree with Susan, and strongly suggest you take the time to count each row. This may seem time consuming, but in reality it saves a lot of time, and helps to spot any mistakes early.

I would suggest using a stitch holder at the beginning of each row. I have found in my working with students that some have trouble knowing where the beginning of one round begins and the previous one ends.

I was wanting to use some of my thread stash, so I made one doily in only two colors of white and green, which is now residing in my living room. I would suggest this for your unused thread as this is a small project.


I then proceeded to crochet a second one in all white, which I intend to give to a friend who has a birthday in the middle of this month.



To be honest, I did not believe I would enjoy the online classes, but after taking the first one, and now a second one. I must admit, not only have I enjoyed them but I have also learned something new with each class. I am sure you will benefit as well.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.