This week we will all have the opportunity to experience life as it was , before the hectic lifestyles we have all become accustomed to. Our homes and minds are filled with loud unharmonious sounds that are all around us normally and usually are coming from our electronic devices.

March 3 is National Unplug Day, we get the decision to choose whether or not we will unplug from our technology. This means my hubby and I will be powering down our computer and iPad , turning off the television, and yes. even doing without out cell phones for the day. We plan on enjoying a simpler, slower lifestyle for one day out of the year. Who knows, we might even park the car for the day.

Because we are both off of work, our unplug day will be on Thursday March 2, a day I am already planning with some excitement. I plan on starting the day with some of my favorite hot tea, Twining’s Lady Gray and some quiet time with the Lord. The only appointment on my schedule is the Ladies Bible study, which I intend on walking to (weather permitting).

My husband and I have been trying to read a biography for about a month now, so our plan is get in a few chapters in. My husband has a great reading voice, I have always thought he would be great narrator for audio books. Our plan is for me to get some crocheting in while Don reads. This is a good way we can enjoy quality time together while I am crocheting. If you are not into reading, you could always get out some of your favorite music to listen to.

I also really enjoying baking, so I know that will be on the list and maybe an enjoyable walk through the park with hubby. What ever sounds good- this is the day we plan for it to happen.

You are probably asking yourself, what does this have to do with crocheting? Imagine how much crocheting you can achieve, without interruptions from reminder alarms, Facebook alerts, responding to emails and those badly timed phone calls? Don’t we all know a person who just loves to send text after text? Which always seems to last just long enough for me to forget where I was in the pattern forcing me to spend the next ten minutes finding the spot I left off at.

What ever you would like to do that day, choose a day this week to unplug from the world of tech and pick a crochet project to work on instead, and enjoy your uninterrupted flow of creativity, unplugged for the day.

Would love to hear how your day progressed, please share. It is such an encouragement to hear from your experiences.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.