A few months back, I checked on Annie’s Hook & Needle club web sight only to discover that they were about to send me the kit named the Sedona Shawl. This was a kit which I had already received, crocheted and reviewed in the past (Kit 39- Sedona Shawl Review) I was informed that it was a computer problem. They immediately corrected the issue so that it just meant I would not receive a kit that month. Not to worry, because at that time I was busy crocheting Christmas gifts.

The next month’s kit showed on-line that I would be sent the Pocket Scarf, which was the name of my fourteenth kit that I would had previously received. Unfortunately, the call was not in time to stop the delivery and so I was told to just return it at no charge. Out of curiosity I peeped inside only to find out that the titles were the only similarity with both of the kits. Lesson learned: do not judge the kits by the names any more, but look to make sure they are indeed the same kit. My fourteenth kit from months past, (Kit 14: Pocket Scarf Review) although bearing the same name, was completely different in appearance and stitches.


This Pocket Scarf was actually my 47th kit I have received from Annie’s Hook & Needle club. As usual it came with two patterns, one to crochet and one to knit if you choose to. I opted for the crochet one.

The kit arrived in the mail containing 510 ounces of blue worsted weight (4) yarn. I just needed to obtain my I9 hook to crochet this easy skill level project. The only stitches I needed to have working knowledge of were the single crochet (The Single Crochet ) and the single crochet join ( also known as single crochet decrease). (Single Crochet Decrease)


Within one afternoon the pattern produced a beautiful classic rib scarf. I was really pleased with the effortless flow and ease of the project. I was so pleased with the results that I shrunk the pattern and crocheted miniature versions for 3 of my grandchildren. I was so happy that I did this too, for they loved receiving them. They were especially excited with the pockets at the both ends. This is a great pattern to help use up that extra yarn that we all have stashed throughout the house.

I am rating this kit a high score of nine. The pattern was very clearly written and easy to follow. The yarn was great to work with and looked great for this item. I can see this being one of my “go to” pattern when I am looking for a last minute gift. The rating is only losing one point because the yarn coming in the unmarked labels, making it fairly difficult for me to obtain the same yarn for future projects.

On a side note: I am a few reviews behind, as a result I will not be posting the kits in order for a spell. However, bear with me and they will all soon be posted. I am currently working a large project for an upcoming wedding at the end of March, that will not leave much time to crochet the kits for as few weeks.
Thanks for your patience.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.