A few months ago I was given the opportunity by Annie’s Craft store to choose, complete and review one of their on line crochet classes. I chose the **Crochet Lace: Hairpin, Broomstick & Bruges Crochet Class**. They generously sought my input and impartial review by using my experience, time and effort after taking one of their classes offered on line classes in exchange for waiving the class fee.

In fear of sounding redundant, and for those who missed it, I am listing the pro’s and con’s I mentioned in the first review:

The Pro’s:
The class was very well presented in an easy to understand way that I had no trouble retaining. I had no trouble following and copying what was being taught or putting into use.

The teacher is very encouraging and did inspire me to go on and try the other projects they assigned.

24 hour access to your on line class. Once you purchase it-you own it. You can go back at any time, and time and time again to review and watch it over .

You can stop and pause whenever you like while doing the class.

Six downloadable PDF patterns, two in each stitch being taught for you to crochet.

There is no socializing, and the personalization you get with others. In some cases people prefer that, I like the human interaction. It is just you and your computer or your video device. There is a way to either email or access to online chatting, but there is no face-to-face interaction for question and answer.

Now for my thoughts on the part two of the class, the Broomstick stitch. The class consisted of instructions for a Lace Shawlette and a Baby Love Blanket.


My hand first reached for the shawlette, a beautiful lacy pattern which would give me some experience not only with the broomstick stitch but also with increasing and decreasing. This was a welcome challenge that I look for in an old familiar stitch, while on my crochet journey. I was excited to start the project.

In this class I got my introduction for using crochet symbols for the Broomstick stitch, which to be honest, I did not know existed. I have worked with crochet symbols in the past, but not for the broomstick stitch. This intrigued me so I couldn’t put this down, so this project went fast.

Since completing the article of clothing, I must admit I have received a lot of compliments on its appearance.


The second project was a very pretty baby afghan which was very easy to work up in three panels and assemble. I love the look of the pattern, however my practical side thought it was not a good one for a small child. With the open work lace I keep seeing small hands and fingers getting caught in the holes.

But other then that one observation, I really enjoyed the class and already looking forward to finishing the last part. Due to an upcoming wedding, which I am crocheting an afghan for, part three might be a few weeks away for the review.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.