It has been so long since I have written I feel as if I am starting a new blog. I decided to take a few months off to spend with my family, my daughter and her family were moving to Texas and I desired to try and be with them every minute possible. My daughter is now hundreds of miles away and I am once again turning my attention to my crocheting. I apologize for the delay in any of my responses to your comments. Your insight is important to me. I thank you for dropping back in.

During my hiatus I have received two kits from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club and am now in the process of finishing up an online class I started during the summer.

One of the kits I received was the Bath & Spa Set which included enough yarn to complete a face cloth, back and complexion scrubbie. In the kit was 480 yards of medium (worsted) weight yarn and two patterns for each item. One each in knitting and one each in crochet. To crochet this kit all I needed to supply was a G hook and a tapestry needle.

The kit was rated at an easy level with some popular special stitches, the front and back post double crochet, the slip ring and the single crochet decrease.

The timing of this kit was perfect, as I needed a small project to work on that was not difficult or time consuming to finish. This kit met both requirements. So, on the day I received this kit I opened it immediately and started to crochet, finishing the face cloth and complexion scrubbie the very first day. The back scrubbie was completed a few days later when I found another free day to crochet. It was a relaxing and fun project to work on with just a few challenging stitches to make it worth my while.

The yarn was easy to work with and crocheted beautifully, I loved the color. But I might be biased since blue is one of my favorite colors. I am just sorry that the yarn once again came in unmarked labels making it impossible for me to repurchase more.

The instructions were well written and simple to follow, even the special stitches were well explained. With all of this in mind I am rating the kit a 9, losing only one point for the yarn being in unmarked labels. As an avid crocheter it does put a damper on things when you really enjoy working with a yarn, knowing you will never be able locate another skein.

Looking forward to getting back in touch with you. Would love to hear about what is your favorite yarn to work with, and other crocheting projects you could share.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.