Besides actually sitting down and crocheting a project there are two things I really enjoy doing. First, is passing on my love of crocheting to others by teaching them what I know and secondly, is to learn something new in crocheting for myself.

Annie’s Craft store has given me an opportunity to take a class of my choosing free of charge in exchange for an impartial review of my experience and thoughts after taking one of their on line classes.
NOTE; Make sure you read to the end of this article as there is a special discount for a limited time, for each one of you interested in a class they offer.

After looking over the 22 crochet classes they have for crocheters – either on line or by purchasing a DVD, I chose the “Learn to Crochet Lace: Hairpin, Broomstick & Bruge”. I already am well aquainted with the Hairpin and Broomstick stitch but have never mastered the Bruge lace. I thought this would give me an opportunity to see the class from two perspectives. One, from 2 stitches that I knew and one that I did not.

I will posting the entire class review in three postings. (one on each stitch). The first stitch reviewed here in this article today, will be the Hairpin Lace.

I have worked the Hairpin Lace stitch since my first year of crocheting. I have crocheted it in many items from a vest, to afghans and even a doily. To be honest when I started watching this class I was doing it with the idea that I was reviewing what I already knew.

Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I was shown the small pointers that makes my finished project look a little more polished! I also learned a few things about handling and crocheting with a Hairpin loom and doing it with a little more manageability while working that I never knew.

In part one of this class I learned the following:

Assemble and use a hairpin lace loom.
Join hairpin lace panels.
Work hairpin lace as a right- or left-hander.
Shown how to read hairpin lace symbols (which I did not know existed.)

The Pro’s:
The class was very well presented in an easy to understand way that I had no trouble retaining. I had no trouble following and copying what was being taught or putting into use.

The teacher is very encouraging and did inspire me to go on and try the other projects they assigned.

24 hour access to your on line class. Once you purchase it -you own it. You can go back at any time, and time and time again to review and watch it over .

You can stop and pause whenever you like while doing the class.

Six downloadable PDF patterns, two in each stitch being taught for you to crochet.

There is no socializing, and the personalization you get with others. In some cases people prefer that, I like the human interaction.   It is just you and your computer or your video device. There is a way to either email or access to online chatting, but there is no face-to-face interaction for question and answer.

You must be discplined. There is no one to keep you accountable.

One caution however, Hairpin, Broomstick & Bruges Crochet Class is not for a beginner. I would strongly suggest that you are really familiar with the following stitches before you take the class; The chain, slip stitch, work single, half double and double crochet stitches.

I believe there is a two way street to learning. Firstly, the teacher has a responsibility of getting the material across in a way that is easy to understand. Secondly, the student who needs to do the work to learn what is being taught. So I decided to crochet each of the two projects for each stitch before I posted my review. This way I can better judge how well I learned.


My first two projects were the Gentle Waves Hairpin Lace Scarf and


the Simply Elegant Hairpin Lace Scarf.  I started the class on May 2, so it took me around a month to complete, but I have a very hectic schedule and only have a limited amount of time to crochet. If time allotted these could easily be completed in two weeks.

All of this being said, I would highly recommend this class. It was fun, and educational. As you can see for yourself- the projects were easily finished. I liked the fact that even after thirty years of crocheting I was shown something new in the Hairpin Lace stitch.

For You for a limited time:


Here is a special *keycode – CHV23C1 – that is valid for 1 week. It runs from 6/6 – 6/13. Anyone can go to the link above, purchase the class and use the keycode above to get the special discount when they check-out.

Until next time, Keep those hooks flying.
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