When I started my blog I wanted it to be a story of my crocheting life. The good, bad and in-between. I pick most of my blog topics based on what I am experiencing in my own life. Sometimes people will ask a question and that will inspire other blog posts. This post was brought about by a low more then a high on my road.

To clarify: the simple fact is that I love crocheting. If I am introduced to a new person, it would not be long before they are aware of three facts about my life; that I am a Christian, that my family will always come first and that I am passionate about crocheting. I started crocheting when I was twenty and have never looked backed. I not only wanted to know the basic stitches but all aspects of the craft. I lived, breathed and picked up a hook whenever possible. Now to my pleasure, after all these years I find I am still learning new stitches and techniques about crocheting. The more I learn about crocheting, the more I realize I still have much more to learn.

Now that being said, as much as I love crocheting – I am still finding myself reaching plateaus where I am not as excited to pick up my hooks as at other levels. There is always patterns that I want to do, or yarn I really love and have not used. But sometimes life can become so busy and hectic that when I do get a free minute, I find I just want to sit and take a breath.This is when my projects are maybe just taking a little longer to complete and I find I am not reaching for hooks in my free time as much for some unexplainable reason. This is when I know I need to look for a new challenge to bring me back to those hooks and yarn for that eager excitement that keeps crocheting new and fresh for me.

I love learning new things, it just part of my DNA. I enjoy the old familiar projects, for some I bring out and crochet all over again. But I believe we all should push ourselves out of comfort zones once in a while and try something new to help us go to the next level in this wonderful world of crocheting.

So my challenge to you in June is to find something that is just a little bit harder then your skill level and determine to travel to the higher ground of learning that new stitch or technique.

Whenever I teach a class the first question I ask everyone after their name is what would you like to learn? So now I am asking you, what would you like to learn…Let’s make June 2016 the month that I learned…..___________________, and you fill in the blank with whatever you have seen and really would like to begin to learn. After all the first step to mastering a stitch is learning it.

In the beginning of June I will share with you what I decided to learn next month. Please feel free to share below what you have always wanted to learn, but just have not found the motivation or have been inspired to do.

Make June that month and keep those hooks flying.