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As I approach the end of the school year, the beginning of June and the start of the warm weather of summer, I am stopping and taking a breath to ask my self- what inspires me to crochet a certain project? After all, crocheting is a creative hobby and requires inspiration to get a certain amount of excitement and

This year it is my goal to dive into my yarn stash and to see a notable decrease by year’s end. It seems that I say this often, I must have a lot more yarn in my house than I care to admit. So my main inspiration this year is my yarn stash and looking for projects to fit that particular left over yarn.

This has led me to browse thru a lot of patterns that I have in my collection that I haven’t touched in a while. I have renewed my excitement about long forgotten patterns that I have wanted to do, but for some reason have laid off to the side.

I am also enjoy receiving the kits from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club which also gets my fingers itching to crochet. They have sent me a variety of projects such as small dishcloths, baby sweaters, items for me to wear and show off, all the way to house hold items such as doilies and baskets.

Sometimes I will get inspired by coming across a new technique. Even after thirty years of crocheting I am still learning new stitches and new methods and new roads that I have not traveled. One of the things that keeps me coming back to the crocheting hooks are the endless challenges of pushing myself to learn more about this age old art form and the desire of perfecting my craft.

Since I have started my blog in January, 2013 I have had a few yarn bundles from the well known company RedHeart, that also motivated me with the opportunity of trying the newest and latest yarn and gadgets. There is nothing like holding a new skien of yarn in my hands that will get my feet running to the nearest hook.

Then there is the occasional search for a nice gift on family or a friends birthday, the Christmas gift, anniversary gifts, or just I am glad you are my friend gifts. The satisfaction of finishing the gift and giving it to the intended person, especially the homemade gift, always means much more to us both. I love crocheting gifts for the important people in my world.

Recently, a company approached me about taking a crochet class for free and in return to write a review on the class itself. Who would imagine that? There is nothing like a new crochet class to inspire us into new avenues of crochet stitches. I will write more about this class in future blogs. I will be posting three reviews on the class and the company has generously offered with each posting to give a discount to my readers that would like to also take the class. I should be posting the first review about Memorial Day.

These are just some of the things that put a charge into me on my crocheting journey. And today I would love to hear what gets you so excited about crocheting and just gets your fingers so itching that you can hardly wait to start that next, new pattern.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.