I do not know about everyone else, but 2016 has just flown by for us! Can you believe that it is May and graduations are just around the corner? If you are like a friend of mine who was looking for a last minute gift for that special young adult in her life, a soon to be graduate, then I might have a suggestion for you.

Last week I was handed a bag of yarn and was asked to crochet an afghan that she would knew her daughter wanted. The daughter who is graduating from high school and about to embark on her new journey of college life had always wanted a crocheted afghan and moms illness prevented her from attempting it. Time was running out as usual.

With this request I entered upon a task of looking for the pattern that was not only quick but also stylish for a young person. When I come upon this pattern from Lions Brand Yarn I knew it was the one. Everyone loves ripples I thought, and this was an easy level two pattern that met all the requirements I was looking for, and just as important, it would be stress free to crochet in a week.


The Yarn consisted of four colors, 3 were from the I Love This Yarn : Yellow Neon, Bright Neons and Pink Neon. The last one was Red Heart Super Saver Perfect Pink Rose. So I decided to use the three solid colors as they were perfect for the ripples, and I decided to add a single crochet edging using a H hook to add color with the multi color yarn.

If you have never attempted a ripple this is a great pattern to use for your first afghan. It is small, with only a foundation row of 76 and can be finished in 36 rows. Making it a great size for a college dorm room of 36” x 42”.

I have copied the pattern from the Loin Brand Yarn Web page or if your prefer I have included the link to the original pattern for easy download and printing. (http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90411AD.html)

I am really pleased with the outcome of this little off ramp in my crocheting journey. What are some of the graduation gifts you are working on for your special someone? Am always interested in ideal for filing for future reference.

Until Next week, keep those hooks flying.


Free Crochet Pattern: Blazing Ripple Throw
SKILL LEVEL: Easy (Level 2)

SIZE: One Size
36 x 42 in. (91.5 x 106.5 cm)
Lion Brand® Hometown USA®

1 ‘ripple’ = about 6 in. (15 cm). When you match the gauge in a pattern, your project will be the size specified in the pattern and the materials specified in the pattern will be sufficient. The needle or hook size called for in the pattern is based on what the designer used, but it is not unusual for gauge to vary from person to person. If it takes you fewer stitches and rows to make your swatch, try using a smaller size hook or needles; if more stitches and rows, try a larger size hook or needles.

Making a Gauge Swatch

dc3tog (dc 3 together) Yarn over, insert hook into st and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops. (Yarn over, insert hook into next st and draw up a loop. Yarn over, draw through 2 loops) twice, yarn over and draw through all loops on hook – 2 dc decreased.

To change color, work last st with old color to last yarn over. Yarn over with new color and draw through all loops on hook to complete st. Fasten off old color.
COLOR SEQUENCE: *Work 2 rows each with A, B, C; rep from * for Color Sequence.
With A, ch 76.
Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from hook, *dc in next 4 ch, dc3tog, dc in next 4 ch, 3 dc in next ch; rep from * 4 more times, dc in next 4 ch, dc3tog, dc in next 4 ch, 2 dc in last ch – 6 ripples.
Row 2: Ch 3, turn, dc in first dc, *dc in next 4 dc, dc3tog, dc in next 4 dc, 3 dc in next dc; rep from * 4 more times, dc in next 4 dc, dc3tog, dc in next 4 dc, 2 dc in top of turning ch. Change to B.
Rows 3-36: Rep Row 2, continuing in Color Sequence as established by changing color every other row. Fasten off.

Weave in ends.