I am slowly crocheting my way through my ever growing stash of yarn. This is the year I plan on crocheting projects with the yarn I have left over around my house.

In January, one of the projects I decided on included one of several baskets of various sizes using two strands of different color yarn. This was in order to give it a unique appearance of working with a variegated yarn. I like the look so much that I crocheted four basket over a course of several weeks.

I decided on three large baskets and three small ones. These are just the right size to place throughout ones home. Upon completion I placed them in my gift basket and through out the months since, I have presented a few of them to some of my friends. My first friend placed hers in her bathroom to hold her hair do-dads. Her and her four daughters all have really long hair and are always looking for something to pull their hair back, up or just out of their faces. She said this basket added just the perfect decorative touch and served the purpose she needed.

My second friend used hers by her front door, for her keys and pocket items for her husband. She was looking for a small spot that would look perfect on her entry hall table that would also help them from loosing their keys all the time.

The third and final basket I gave away went by my friends craft chair. She is placing her hooks, scissors and those small and easy to lose items in it. She loves the fact that it is close by and adds a beautiful touch to her living room.

Have any of you crocheted any baskets, if so, what uses did you find for them? I do still have three baskets left and I am curious.

As a side note: please bear with me for the next few weeks as I will be attempting to get my post up to date. The last few months I have been slack with my postings. Once I have caught up, I will go back to two posts a week.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.