In a determined mindset, I am diving into my stash of yarn and turning them into useful crochets items. I started this journey last summer with the crocheting of few scrap afghans. (Scarp Afghan) .

When visiting a friend over the holidays, I noticed how beautiful her living room looked decorated with a numbered of crocheted doily’s scattered throughout her home. Reminding me of my earlier years when the notions and ideas formulated as I was watching Anne of Green Gables. The idea that one day, my furniture also could be displaying the doily’s of my own creation. I was like the character Diana and wanted those delicate and beautiful threaded doily’s throughout my home. I had always thought, and feel the same today, that they added just the right touch to any table.

Needless to say, the first project of the New Year of my own choosing was a beautiful doily for the table place between my and my Hubby’s favorite chairs.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 6.08.00 AM.png

The patten was found in a Summer, 2012 issues of Defining Crochet. I choose the “Peaches & Cream Place Mat”. The only thing is that my doily is not in the shade of peach and was not used as a mat. But I am claiming those creative licenses to use it as I need. I have one ball of Aunt Lydias size 10 crochet thread on hand in white – so that is what I used. Keeping with the theme of using up what is in the house, in my stash.

The pattern is an intermediate level calling for the use of clusters, slip stitches, single crochet, chain stitches, and double crochet. The interlocking motifs pattern was easily enlarged by adding an extra row of motifs to become the perfect size for the desired table.

I get excited as I look through my pattern books and magazines for the perfect pattern for yarn that – in same cases – has been laying around longer then I care to tell.

Remember, the goal for the year is to crochet my way through at least half of my yarn stash. This is the fourth project to help me get off to a good start in the right direction.

Would love to hear any ideas to help inspire me and help keep me motivated.

I have added a “Stash Bash Tab” for those of you who would like to keep with the updates on the projects designed to use up my yarn stash.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.