If you enjoy crocheting the popcorn and shell stitches then you will enjoy the Precious Baby Papoose Kit. The hat and the papoose is worked in 380 yards of medium worsted weight green unmarked yarn.

This is an easy skill level kit calling for a working knowledge of chain stitches (The Chain Stitch), single crochets (The Single Crochet), double crochets (The Double Crochet) and picot stitches (Picot) worked in rounds.

This project only took two afternoons to complete as the directions were written very clear and were easily followed. I might suggest that while you crochet you might want to use a stitch marker to help remind you where the beginning of each row is. By doing this it might help to prevent mistakes.

The pattern quickly formed by alternating the popcorn (Popcorn Stitch)and shell stitches (Simple Lacy Shell); which made this a pleasure to work. I am already searching through my stash for just the right yarn to crochet another one and to put it up for a future shower gift.

I am rating this kit a 9, losing only one point for the labels being unmarked. I have really derived a lot of pleasure in joining the Annie’s Hook and Needle Club. Originally, when I started I wanted to experience crocheting some patterns that I probably would not have tried. It has helped to get me out of my crocheting rut. The only complaint I have is that most of the kits come in unmarked labels, making it impossible to work twice with a yarn I might really like.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.