When I first started crocheting I was amazed at how anyone could have a yarn stash. Crocheting was so new to me, and I was so passionate about it that I could not imagine having all those colorful balls of yarn laying around and not using them for greatness!

However, it was not long before I found myself buying beautiful colored yarn that I had not yet discovered a purpose for. For no other reason than, I just had to have that yarn. Then I experienced having left over yarn from projects that I had completed and began to accumulate, and accumulate, and… you get the idea.  I live by the motto that is it is better to have too much yarn then not enough to finish my most current crochet master pieces. So, I always would purchase over the amount I needed. All of this adds up to a lot of yarn not intended toward any pattern or purpose.

I soon discovered there comes a time every few years where I must tackle my ever increasing balls of yarn and face the reality that laying in the closet was not really the best use for them.
So the 2016 theme will be the “Year of My Yarn Stash Bash!”

I mean, all that yarn is just laying there getting older which would make it more likely to be cast aside and forgotten. This is one of the reasons I get determined every few years to get my yarn out of my closet and place a few skeins at a time in front of me to inspire me. How wonderful they would look as a sweater, a scarf, a hat, a toy, a doilie, an afghan, or a basket. All I know is that if I see a ball of yarn long enough, I will see a glimpse of what it could be and once that happens my excitement grows.

Why would I want to use up my stash? Why would you? Today I would like to share some reasons why:

1. Crocheting makes me calm. Crocheting relaxes me and I truly enjoy every aspect of it. It is a reason to settle down, put on a good audio book or movie and crochet my afternoon away with no guilt.  After all it helps to relieve the stress that life brings.

2. I save money by using already attained yarn, and waste money by just leaving it lay around. By using the yarn I have in my house I can save a lot of money by not buying as much yarn.

3. I am not a winter person, I was transplanted from the warmth of the south to the bitter cold of the midwest winters. I often will use the excuse “Because the weather….”. This way I can say it is way to cold and windy outside (which for me it is) I have decided to stay in and crochet.

4. Because I can make a lot of different projects. When I am looking for projects for yarn, I tend to get inspired to do projects that might have been overlooked. Instead of looking for projects and then buying the yarn, I do the reverse. I have all this yarn just looking for the perfect project. I get inspired from a different view point. For me a big old stash aids in my creativity for new and exciting homemade items.

5. Let face it, it just feels so great to crochet projects that you can give loved ones and friends. Think about all the upcoming birthdays or may be the somebody who just needs the encouragement of the gift for no reason.

6. You can start building up stock for all the spring carnivals and fairs. The more stock you have the fuller your booth will be and more people will stop to see what you have.

7. This is the best reason of all. When you have used up a lot of your stash, you honestly can say that you need to buy more yarn to replace what you used up. You can now go and buy some of the newer yarn you have been dreaming of using.

This is year that I would like to challenge, encourage and inspire you all to join me in this journey to crochet through your yarn stash.

Would love to hear some of reasons you need to get inspired to use up your stash.  Also as you finish any projects using up your stash please Email me (crochetingwithpassion@gmail.com) pictures of them with your name.  I  would love to post all  of them this entire year on Crochet With Passion Facebook page.  You can share and help inspire others to do the same.

Until next time, Keep those hooks flying.