Throughout my crocheting journey there has been countless times that as I crocheted that I would pull my yarn a little to hard ultimately causing my ball of yarn to roll across the floor. This month’s kit would brilliantly solve this problem. Who ever thought of this kit was a creative crocheter. In all my years of crocheting it never occurred to me to design one of these.

This month’s kit was a Yarn Crafter’s friend. A bowl designed with a strip that hooks with a butterfly button to help keep the yarn in place while I crocheted. I was impressed by the ingenuity of this pattern. It was a simple, but practical idea.

The kit came with two patterns, one for knitting and one for crocheting. I opted for the crocheting one as always. It also came with a larger skien of unmarked labels of worsted weight brown yarn and a smaller one of yellow and green yarn. In order to complete the project, I must have my own F and H hook, a swelling needle, tapestry needle and matching sewing thread.

It is a small, easy level pattern that should work up quickly. The only stitches required are a single crochet (The Single Crochet) and chain stitch (The Chain Stitch).


There was a small amount of yarn left when I was finished and since I am extremely motivated to use up some scrap yarn presently – I decided to put the brown yarn to good use and crochet a small doily. (pictured above)

If you have received the same kit, I would like to make a few suggestion to help make this a more enjoyable crocheting experience for you. First, the pattern requires you to crochet using two strands of yarn at once. So before I started crocheting I divided the one skein of yarn I received into two balls to make it easy to follow the pattern.

Make sure you read through all the pattern notes before starting this project. They were very helpful and will help prevent some mistakes as you crochet.

Lastly, the pattern only calls for you to crochet two flowers, but in the picture on the cover there are three flowers. There is more then enough yellow yarn to crochet three, so I made mine to look like the picture. It is your project so the decision is ultimately yours.

I have decided to rate this kit a 9 losing only one point for the skeins being in unmarked labels. I can see myself duplicating this pattern for a few of my friends who are avid crocheter’s like myself.

What is your impression of this month’s kit, would love to hear your thoughts on the Yarn Crafter’s Friend.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.