This month’s project was something very original. It was something I never would have thought of myself, but actually could come in very useful. This month the kit is a “Yarn Crafter’s Friend”. It is a crochet bowl that is designed to keep a ball of yarn rolled into a ball and kept in it’s place.

The kit came with two patterns, one for knitting and one for crocheting. I opted for the crocheting one as always. It also came with a larger skien of weight brown yarn and a smaller one of yellow and green yarn. In order to complete the project I must have my own F and H hook, a swelling needle, tapestry needle and matching sewing thread.

It is a small, easy level pattern that should work up quickly. The only stitches required are a single crochet (The Single Crochet)and chain stitch (The Chain Stitch). It will be a nice project to crochet in-between some larger ones.

What is your opinion on this project? Do you think it is something you would use?

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.