The Circular Lapghan is a small circular afghan that is perfect for a weekend project. It is a small project that whips up quickly as you are enjoying your evenings among your family. Hubby was reading a book to me as I crocheted this easy level Lapghan. We are currently reading through the book “Don’t Look Now, But Your Attitude Is Showing by Raymond Barber”. Because of my love of crocheting, and my hubby’s soothing reading voice – this is a way we can spend time together while I crochet that is productive for both of us.

The kit came with two skeins of bulky weight, blue variegated yarn of about 460 yards. Unfortunately, as is fast becoming their trademark, the yarn was in unmarked labels. Which means I cannot purchase any more, this is a disappointment, as the yarn was easy to work with and quickly glided from the hook to form the stitches.

The kit also came with two patterns, one set of instructions for knitting and one for crocheting. As always, I completed the crocheted pattern. The pattern itself was very well written and easy to follow the step by step directions. The only stitches you will need to master in order to work the simple shell pattern (Simple Lacy Shell) is the chain (The Chain Stitch), single crochet (The Single Crochet) and double crochet (The Double Crochet).

This is the type of project that you would want to do if you would like to have some experience working in rounds on a larger scale then a pot holder or a coaster. Because of the ease of pattern you will be able to concentrate on the process of forming the rounds.

When I started working on it I was not sure where or who it would go to when I was finished. Then my husband shared he would like to visit his uncle, who is bound to a wheel chair and we decided it would be a perfect item for a host gift for his visit. It turned out to be perfect timing for the visit and his uncle was delighted to receive such a heart felt gift. As all homemade gifts are.

I could easily seeing myself crocheting this gift if the need arises, so I am giving this kit a 9, losing one point for the yarn skeins being in unmarked labels.

Would love to hear about some gifts you have given while visiting relatives.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.