There are many different ways you could crochet shell stitches, and many variations of the shell stitch. In this tutorial you will be learning the Simple Lacy Shell Stitch. It is a shell that has a space in the center that gives it a more open appearance.

I will be using an H hook, worsted weight yarn and will be starting with a foundation row 21 single crochet just for domestication purposes.

Simple Lacy Shell Stitch Tutorial:


Step 1: Chain 3 (pictured above)


Step 2: 3 double crochet in 4th stitched from last stitch,  (pictured above)


Step 3: Chain 2 (pictured above)


Step 4: 3 double crochet in same stitch (pictured above)

Congratulations, you have just completed your first Lacy Shell stitch.

Note: You will have a row of 3 Lacy Shell Stitches when you are done and then just complete it with a single crochet in your last stitch.

I have used this stitch in many patterns ranging baby afghans to scarves and hats. Would love to know the favorite project you have crocheted this stitch into.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.