The Fancy Floral Hot pad project was my June club kit, so I am a little bit behind in my posting. I was really excited about receiving this kit as my daughter had told me she needed some hot pads for her kitchen a while back in passing. My daughter loves baking and is always looking for any tool that might make it easier for her. When I opened my mail box and discovered this kit I was eager to not only start them, but to finish them quickly. So do not let my tardiness in writing about the kit reflect on the complexities of the pads or my fear of attacking it, but rather in the busyness of summer.

The kit came with enough yarn to complete three Hot Pads in the bright spring colors of pink, light pink, white, turquoise and lavender. All the yarn was medium worsted weight cotton yarn, all in unmarked labels.

As usual I will be working the crocheting pattern that came in the kit, but there is also a pattern for those of you who prefer to knit. All the patterns are on an easy level and I will only need to supply an E hook and a tapestry needle.

The stitches in the hot pads for the most part are your basic crochet stitches of the chain stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and triple. This will give a new crocheter a good workout with using a variety of these basic stitches and for an added challenge there is the front post double crochet.

Will let you know how I enjoyed the kit and am looking forward to seeing my daughter use these when she bakes.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.