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 PicMonkey Collage

There is more to crochet than meets the eye. Not only is crochet a fun hobby, there are in fact a whole host of interesting facts about crochet that are intriguing and fascinating at the same time.   Although these insights will not improve my crochet technique they sure have given me some food for thought. Let me share some of these interesting facts with you.

Did you know…

 The word crochet is derived from the Middle French word croc or croche, meaning hook.

It is believed that the earliest forms of crochet were created using a bent finger instead of a hook.

Do you know why most crocheters in earlier years held the crochet hook in their hand like a pencil? In the 1800s, this hand positioning was thought to be more feminine and graceful. Many crocheters now hold their hooks in the palms of their hands (often…

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