As I am writing this post I realize that I needed to make a confession. In the past few months I have had no real directions concerning my crocheting projects. Sometimes I am not inspired by looking through my patterns so, I try the reverse and look for projects that would be great for the yarn I have laying around in all my nooks and crannies in my small home.

So I thought I would use this time to use up some yarn from one of the several stashes I have. I just looked around and made a list of some odds and ends projects that I had wanted to start, and finish others that I had begun. These are the types of projects that are great for using up some yarn from my stash. You know the ones I am speaking of. They are small and great for using up those skeins that I only have one of for that color and type. We all have them. The ones where we don’t even have two matching skeins, so we either crochet a scrap yarn afghan or look for small projects to crochet. I decided to look for small project to crochet.

The patterns were found in the February 2001 issue on page 38. The first one, the “Mint Green Doily” used the basic stitches of double crochet, single crochet and chain stitches. Although the pattern was small, It still gave me the small added challenged of 3 double crochet clusters. (3-dc Cluster). Clusters are always fun to work and give such a beautiful appearance to any project. The timing for this one is perfect, as I just taught the 3 double cluster in my class and plan on taking this one to the next class, as an example of how the same stitch could be used to create something completely different than what they had crocheted.

I decided to use my stash to crochet two gifts for some of my friends upcoming Birthdays.


First was a hooded scarf that a friend of mine requested. She had a co-worker making her one but had since went on to another job leaving before she had completed the scarf. When I heard of her situation I offered to help her out. I knew I had a pattern for one in “Creative Crochet in a Day”. The pattern was an easy one that worked up quickly. The pattern only called for double crochets, single crochets and chain stitches. The scarf was a series of shell stitches and double crochet which formed a really pretty, very feminine design.


The second gift was a larger version of my Kindle Cozy. I used a larger hook to crochet the same pattern for an iPad for my friends birthday. I already wrote a description on this cozy so I am including the link for that post. (Successful Tips To Carry Your Crochet)


Finally, as some of you might remember I crocheted an afghan for my daughter for Christmas one year. (Plaid Winner) My number three grandchild loves to see how things are put together and decided to pick and pull at a stitch until it became undone on a favorite afghan. My daughter caught her early enough in exploration and I quickly fixed the small pulls, thus ending my journey with a small repair job.

This pretty much catches you up to date with my extra’s crocheting journeys. I am looking forward to new inspirations and am excited about beginning some fresh, brand new crocheting adventures for spring.

What are some projects you have working on this summer. Would love for you to share, I would love to post pictures of your achievements on my Facebook page.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.