My 29th kit from Annie’s Hook & Needle club came just in time for our holiday in the southern states. The kit consisted of three patterns ( for knitting or crocheting) for dish clothes and three skeins of Sugar ’N Cream cotton yarn. These small projects were perfect for car traveling. Annie’s picked the bold colors of red, white and navy, making they very patriotic in appearance.

I have always thought of dishcloth patterns as great learning tools, for each dishcloth pattern usually involves a main stitch to review or master. In the case of this kit you will be working the Basketweave consisting of post stitches (Front and Back Post Double Crochet), the Cabled Stitch (Cable Stitch) and Drop stitch (Single Crochet Drop Stitch) on the second one. On the third dishcloth is a combination of single crochet (The Single Crochet), the chain stitch (The Chain Stitch)  and single crochet decrease (Single Crochet Decrease).

When receiving a kit, before I start the project I always check on the Annie’s Hook and Needle Club web sight under Customer Service Tab. Once I’m there click, I on Pattern Revisions & Updates and then type in the pattern name and it will tell me if there are any clarifications on the patterns. In the case of this kit, there was ; on the Cabled Dishcloth. You will need to print this out and use it along with the pattern that was sent. (very important)

Once this is done, the Basket Weave and Incy Decy dishcloth patterns were very clear and simple to follow and they worked up quickly and easily. This was not the case with the Cabled dishcloth. I had to read through this a few times to understand it and have posted a video to help you with this stitch. Although once I got the pattern down, it turned out really pretty. The patterns ranged from easy to intermediate in skill level, which I thought was great. This would give a crochet experience with both skill levels in a small easy to handle project.

I made my dishcloths 7 1/5 inches instead of 9 since I like my dishcloths on the smaller side this gives me enough left over yarn to make two more dishcloths. I used a granny square pattern that was on the back of one of the yarn labels.

This was a very useful and enjoyable kit. I know I will be crocheting these patterns again in the future when I am looking for a small project for an evening. I will be rating this kit a 8, mainly because of the difficulty in the readability of the one pattern.

What are some of your favorite smaller projects to crochet? Would love some take along suggestions for future use to tuck and away and use.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying high.