Anybody who knows me will say I am the type of person that lives by the calendar and todo list. If I do not write it down I cannot guarantee that it will get done. It just the process I have adoptive to keep from forgetting. It seems that I live a more active lifestyle in my fifties then I did in my twenties – so when I do get some free time I like to utilize it to accomplish as many relaxing things as possible.

We all reach that age where we realize that time is not only precious but limited and have to choose wisely how we are going to utilize that time. I get asked the question all the time, how do you find the time to crochet? To be honest, we all will find time for what is important to us, for me crocheting is so easy to maneuver into my everyday life that it has become second nature to me.
For example, I was invited to a friends house last night to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Along with the cookies I baked, I brought a small bag containing a crocheting project that I worked on during the evening. It is such an easy craft to carry with you and work on while you visit with friends, or wait in the doctor’s office, and even riding along in a car.

I alway keep a small bag that is big enough for one project that I can carry and plan on crocheting. When I leave my house I carry my purse and a small bag full of yarn and the required hook. Make it simple and easy and you will be surprised how quickly you add beautiful crocheted items all around you. One other thing, I have brought crocheting to so many activities throughout my lifetime that it has inspired most of friends to take up the hobby.

If I am at home I have two things I enjoy doing while at work on my projects.
The first is listening to Audiobooks on either my Kindle or iPad Mini. When I was a teenager I carried a book with me everywhere and constantly had my nose in the pages of whatever book I was carrying at the time. When I grew up and became a mother and wife time would no longer permit that kind of devotion to this past time. A few years ago I discovered and subscribed to Audible.com in as well as taking out some audio books at my local library. Over the past three years I have listened to 227 books while crocheting, cleaning my home or walking. Audio books brought two of my favorite pastimes together.

Another activity you can enjoy while you’re crocheting is a good movie. I enjoy watching a good classic such as Jane Eyre, A Roman Holiday, An Affair to Remember and Music Man just to name a few. If I crochet while I get swept into a favorite story I do not feel as if I wasted the time watching TV all night. When I see “The End” on the television screen I can look down and see a good chunk of my project worked. By doing both I feel as if I used my time productively and at the same time I get some much need down time.

Then lastly, when I sit down to have a cup of tea in the afternoon it is always sit down in my favorite chair and reach down for my latest project while I enjoy the tea choice for the day.

As a general rule, I always have no more then three projects at one time; two easy and one harder one. This way I can work on the easier ones when I am around people and the harder one when I am alone and I can give it more of my attention.

Would love to hear what you enjoy doing while you are crocheting. Will be posting two tutorials by Friday of this week one on the extended single crochet and the crochet cable stitch. Be sure and watch for them.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.