Earlier this week I was occupying my crocheting time trying to complete a sweater for an upcoming class that I will soon be teaching. While in the mist of this, I was surprised to hear a knock on the door and even more surprised to open the door to find a box from Red Heart!! I hadn’t ordered anything and could hardly contain my excitement as I opened the small box.

I had received four items to try, and then I am to share with you my thoughts about them. The four items sent to me included two skeins of yarn, a Digital Row Counter and a Red Heart tote bag.

I am using the description from the Red Heart web sight to describe each of the following;

Boutique Twilight Yarn

Boutique Twilight yarn shines with sparkling metallic and beautiful colors. This soft bulky yarn works up quickly, just one ball makes a beautiful infinity scarf! It sells for $5.99 a skein.

Boutique Infinity Yarn

The soft hand and subtle metallic of Boutique Infinity combine with a gorgeous degrade’ print, perfect for making a beautiful infinity scarf with just one ball. It also sells for $5.99 a skein.

Susan Bates Digital Row Counter

This item must be really new because I could not find it anywhere on their web sight. So I will copy the description from the packaging.

This cute little Digital Row Counter is super for keeping track of stitches or rows. There is a big button to count your stitch/row and a small button to reset your counter back to zero. Wear it on your finger with the soft adjustable strap while you are knitting or crocheting. Where you get to the end of the row, just tap the big button to mark the row.

You will never forget where you left off! If you put away your project and row counter, just tap the big button to turn on the screen and see the row number that was last worked.

Red Heart Tote Bag

Red Heart medium size black tote bag. The bag has one large roomy center pocket with five small pocket surrounding the outside of the bag. This should be great to carry for small projects.

I am looking forward to using these projects over the next couple of weeks and sharing with you how I enjoyed them.

Until Next Time, keep those hooks flying!