Monday of this week marked the end of my spring semester “Beginning Crochet Class,” freeing up two months until my next series of classes. On the last day of class I usually suggest to the students that if they are interested in learning a variety of new stitches, or even reinforce the ones that they learned, that they should buy a pattern book of dishcloths.

Dishcloth patterns are great for new crocheter’s. They are a great way to get some experience with a lot of different stitches in small quick projects. In addition to crocheting stitches, it is a great way to help you improve your pattern reading ability with projects that are not overwhelming or time consuming. An average dishcloth can be completed in one afternoon for an experienced crocheter.

I bet you are asking yourself, “why am I bringing all of this up when she is supposed to be talking about her kit from Annie’s?” The amazing thing is a few days after my class ended I walked out to my mailbox and discovered that Annie’s sent me the kit called “Easy Does It! Dishcloths”. This kit came with either three patterns for crocheted or knitted dishcloths. I smiled when I opened the kit because of the timing.

The kit also came with three Sugar N Cream cotton yarn, one each in red, white and blue skeins. I will need to use an H hook and tapestry needle from my own tools to complete the kit.

I enjoy crocheting dishcloths when I am looking for a small, quick project. They are fun and colorful way to add a decorative touch to any kitchen. When I have enough in my own kitchen, l will crochet some and place in my gift box to have on hand for gifts to my family and friends. I am sure this kit will be done by the end of the week and be ready to store in my box until they are needed.

What are some projects you would suggest for a new crocheter to gain some experience along their journey in developing skills in crocheting? Would love to hear some ideas that I could share with my students.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.