March might have started out slow as far as the crocheting side of my life, but I am glad to say the last week was very productive. I am finishing the month and the Tagalong Totes on the same day.

As you all already know from an earlier post the “Annie’s Hook & Needle Club” sent me my 28th kit; Tagalong Totes. The kit came with about 200 yards each of size 3 cotton, in pumpkin, red and caramel colors. With the thinner thread and the size 7 steel crochet hook (which I supplied) I thought it would take a little longer for me to see the three bags completed. However, I am excited to say they worked up very quickly which was due in part to the pattern being so easy to read and follow.

Each kit comes with a set of patterns, one for crocheting and one for knitting; and the material to finish each kit. I usually supply the hooks and notions, such as tapestry needles and stitch holders.

The tote’s are crocheted in rounds, so I would advise you use a stitch holder to mark the beginning of each round just to prevent any confusion or mistakes. When the kit is completed you will have three totes; an eye glass kit, a coin purse and a make up bag. Although I am using the third one for a cell phone holder.

The pattern is marked easy which makes this a great pattern for someone who would like to get some experience with the thinner cottons. The only stitches you will need to have mastered is a chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet. There is one specialty stitch the long double crochet which can you easily master if you already know the double crochet. For those of you who do not know the Long Double Crochet, I will be posting a tutorial on it later this week.

When I finished the three totes I still had some cotton left over, so I actually worked up a fourth tote to add to the three I had crocheted earlier. I planned on giving this project away as gift in May, so I was excited about having four totes instead of the three.

Because of the ease of the pattern and the cotton being really good to crochet with. I am happy to say that I am rating this kit a perfect ten. I know I could see myself crocheting at least one of these totes at a future date.


As I sat here with the kit completed and staring out my window at the beautiful blue sky and the temperature reading 64 on my computer screen. I think I will end this post and go for a hand in hand walk with hubby.

I know that crocheting will always be my passion for an individual activity. What are your summer time activities you like to indulge in with your better half? With us we like hiking and bicycling. Would love to get some ideas from you all.

Until next week, Keep those hooks flying.