March has not gone the way I would have liked, I had planned on crocheting and creating all month long. But life happens, and sometimes God seems to have other plans. This month I said good bye to three friends and one family member by being present at their final homecoming by attending their funerals. This is the first time in a long time I was really glad to see the end of March on the horizon.

March did have other events happen; in addition to scheduling a series of children classes to teach at my local college I also received my 28th kit from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club. This month brought me the perfect kit for an upcoming gift, three Tagalong Totes. I had someone request a tote for their cell phone, so the timing is great for this reason alone.

The kit will take a little more time then the others as the pattern calls for size 3 cotton. The kit came with about 200 yards of each pumpkin, red and caramel. The thinner thread and the size 7 steel crochet hook (which I supply) seems to take a little longer for me to complete. But I believe I will be happy with the end results from the extra effort.

In addition to the three balls of thread that came in the kit, It also came with six patterns. One for knitting and one for crocheting of each Eyeglasses Case (which would also be good for the cellphone I had mentioned earlier), a coin purse and a makeup bag.

The pattern is marked easy so this would be a great project for someone who would like to travel a new road and get some experience with crocheting with thread. The only stitches you will need to have mastered is a chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet. There is one speciality stitch the long double crochet which can you easily master if you already know the double crochet.

I am looking forward to ending this month with this kit crocheted and in a box ready to be mailed in time to give as gift for their upcoming celebration. This month Annie’s sent me exactly what I had been looking for.

Are you crocheting a gift right now someone? Please share you project, I would love to share in your excitement.

Until next week, Keep those hooks flying.