Before I dive into my review I would like to take this time to remind everyone that this is one the good months of the year to be a crocheter. Why, you may be asking? What makes March so special? It is because it is National Crocheting Month! This is the time of the year that you should throw yourself into your craft.

What do you have planned for the month? Here are some suggestions for you to try.

1. This is the perfect time to teach someone else the love of crocheting.
2 Maybe try a new stitch you have seen and loved.
3. Crochet some things for charity or someone you love.
4. Crochet in public.
5. Try a new yarn fiber you have never used before.
6. Crochet an Easter (or Resurrection Sunday as I like to call it) gift for a loved one; April 5th will
be here before you know it.

What ever you decide, enjoy the month and dedicate this month to this special art form.


Now for my review of this months kit from Annie’s Hook and Needle Club. This was a really useful kit and one that I hopefully will be using for a long time; it was a Market Tote and Water Bottle cover. Both are things I like to carry with me when I leave the house.

The kit came with two skeins of (2) fine yarn in a beautiful variegated green hues. It is very bright and spring~like in color. We are currently surrounded by snow and below 0 weather, so it was nice to have something in my hands that reminded me of warmer days to come.

The Market tote was crocheted using an I hook with 8 stitch markers and a tapestry needle that I provided from my own tools.

The tote was made using a filet stitch (Filet – Open Mesh Spaces) and filet double crochet decrease. These are both fun stitches to work and look great when you are finished with this easy level pattern. When completed the tote will measure 21 1/2 by 20 inches which should be plenty big enough for most small shopping needs. The water bottle is designed for an average bottle size of 5 by 6 inches.

The pattern is the only place I would like to caution you on. The bag itself was easy to follow and crochet. However, when I came to the strap I needed to get in the room by myself and turn off any outside stimuli that would be a distraction. The strap is crocheted in 4 parts ending with two straps are tied together. Once I discovered this fact, it became easier to see where the pattern was leading. I would like to suggest that you pay close attention to where you are and to use the stitch markers. They really do help.


I carry an insulated Kleen Kanteen and by adding a few rows I could crochet the water bottle cover to fit mine perfectly. It actually added some texture to the bottle, making it easier to hold, although not when it is in my car drink holder, which it will not fit in.

With all of this being said I am rating this kit an 8, losing 2 points for the pattern. Although the beginning of the pattern went pretty well and fast, I found the end hard to follow. I really enjoyed making the projects and could easily see myself crocheting these again. I know I am going to enjoy carrying my bag to the stores and actively demonstrating how useful it can be to learn and develop the art of crocheting.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.