In a recent Annie’s Club Kit, it was required that the pattern I work use an extended single crochet. One, I must admit I have not worked in a while and I was excited to get reacquainted with it.

The extended single crochet is almost the same height as the double crochet, but not quite the same.

If you have already mastered the basic single crochet, then the extended single crochet will be an easy one to learn. it is very similar with only a little variation.

If you are ready, then lets get some yarn and hook and begin
this comparison of stitches.

2015-01-29 09.48.23

Step 1: Insert your hook and pull up the desired stitch (It starts out just like a basic single crochet) (pictured above)

2015-01-29 09.48.51

Step 2: YO and pull up a loop (two loops on hook) (pictured above)

2015-01-29 09.49.16

Step 3: YO and pull through one loop (this is what differentiates the basic from the extended single crochet) (pictured above)

2015-01-29 09.49.45

Note: To have consistent stitches make sure that the loop that you pull up is the same size as your shaft of your hook. (pictured above)

2015-01-29 09.49.28
Step 4: YO and pull through both loops. (pictured above)
You have just completed your first single crochet! How do you like it? Would love to hear what your think.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.