I had a student ask me what was the difference with the three social medias that I post my blog through?  Were they all the same as far as content?  This has led me to write a clarification of what each had to offer.

First Crochet with Passion is linked through Email, Facebook and Twitter.  What this means is that you can keep up with all the latest posts by subscribing to any or all of these avenues.  I would like to encourage crocheters to comment and interact on all three.   I love to hear what is going on in your crocheting world, and like to learn from others all the time, so this is a great way for me to connect to the outside world. Obviously it is for your benefit as well.

First, concerning emails;  anyone who would like to make sure they are updated on all my postings, I would encourage you to subscribe to the Crochet With Passion Web site.  By doing this you will receive an email with each new post. This is a very dependable way for me to reach interested students regularly.

Now to explain the difference between the social medias and what each has to offer as far as Crochet with Passion is concerned.   First is Facebook.  On my page I try to share free patterns and pictures of completed projects of fellow crocheters.  I would like to encourage anyone to feel free to share their crocheting master~ pieces with us.  I really love to see what people are working on, and actually wish more people would share pictures of their projects and  accomplishments in order to encourage myself and others.  Facebook is also the platform I have chosen to post all the most updated information on my current classes I am teaching.

Lastly is Twitter, it will keep you up and current with my day to day crocheting world with a few personal items. I post pictures of projects as I crochet them, and more details of my step by step  crocheting process are also given.    There will also be a few free patterns posted, and I usually share more information of other blogs that I personally follow.

Please feel free to subscribe to any or all~~or to contact me through any of these avenues. Or share your thoughts and opinions concerning the marriage of the technology world with the old time craft of crocheting.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.