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The nice thing about joining Annie’s Hook and Needle Club is on the winter days that I look out the window and see snow quickly accumulating and the wind blowing. You know, those day I know I would never venture out to go to the yarn store. The perfect day to plan a snow day of crocheting. I know the mail man always delivers a new and exciting project for me to start.

I always use my slow cooker on these days, so that if I get so engrossed in my crocheting I will not have to stop and make dinner. Or in some cases, forget to make dinner.

This months snow day brought with my 26th kit from Annie’s, a cute little car seat blanket.

The kit came with five unmarked skeins of of light weight (3) in five different colors. The colorful small afghan will be in yellow, light green, blue, pink and white.

As with all the kits it came with two easy level patterns, one for knitting and one for crocheting. And with all the kits I will be completing the crocheted project.

The kit is made of twelve squares in alternating colors and edged in the white. The stitches are all basic stitches of the chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet.

This is also a great kit for anyone who would like some working knowledge of sewing squares together. It is small enough not to be overwhelming, a perfect lesson if this is an area you have little experience with.

I am looking forward to starting this kit, it looks like a fun kit to open and plunge my hook into. Remember that snow days are always wonderful to plan for crocheting and finishing a small project. What do you enjoy doing on snow days? Would love to get some ideas from you.
Until next time, Keep those hooks flying.