I actually received my last kit for 2014 on December 19. I am just a little behind in my posting is all. I am fast at catching up though. This kit was exciting to receive because it was the fourth kit I had gotten that comes from those posted in the project gallery on the web sight. (http://www.hookandneedleclub.com/project_gallery.php ) It is always fun for me to receive one of the kits that are advertised by Annie’s.

The December kit was a Little Princess Baby Sweater. Something that will be nice to put up for a future baby shower gift. The kit came with two skeins of Raspberry pink yarn, (unmarked as usually), two patterns one for crocheting and one for knitting and a 5/8 inch button. All I will need from my own tools to crochet the kit is an H and 7 size hook and a sewing needle with matching yarn.

My kit was minus the button and when I called Annie’s Hook and Needle Club they were so nice as to mail me an entirely new kit. I felt really bad about them mailing the whole kit over a button, but they said that was their policy. They really stand behind their kits, I have to give them credit for good customer service and for insuring customer satisfaction .

The skill level for the sweater is marked easy which can be a great experience for a crocheter who would like to expand their skills into baby clothes. The kit only requires a working knowledge of the chain stitch (The Chain Stitch) and single crochet (The Single Crochet ) with two specialty stitches of the single crochet decrease (Single Crochet Decrease) and extended single crochet (extended single crochet).

As with any project, but particularly a clothing item, make sure your gauge is correct before you proceed with the pattern. If the gauge is off just a little, it can really affect the outcome concerning the size of the pattern.

I always enjoy crocheting baby items and I am sure this one will not disappoint.

Until next week, Keep those hooks flying.