The wonderful thing about crocheting is how portable and easy it is to bring with you. I was really glad of this last night. I attended a Rockford Ice Hog Hockey game with my church family and not being a big sports fan I brought along a small bag and a project for the evening.

Even though the fellowship was great and I had a really good time, when the game began and took everyones attention I was grateful that I brought along my yarn and hook to help pass the evening.

The key to being successful at bringing a project to an event like this is to keep everything simple. First I only brought what I needed. A small bag, two skeins yarn, two crochet hooks and my Yarn Cutter Pendant since you cannot bring scissors into the arena. This is standard security for all public arenas naturally still I had called them earlier and asked if they would have a problem with me crocheting during the game. My hooks would be fine, but they would not allow anything with a blade. This is one of the reasons I love my Yarn Cutter Pendant, it is allowed almost everywhere and cuts my yarn beautifully and doubles as a necklace.

Earlier that day I took the time to start the project and familiarize myself with the pattern, and so that evening all I had to do was pick up from where I left off. By doing this I had no need of a pattern and I knew before hand what notions I would need.

When choosing a project you will want to look for a project marked with easy level. One that has a repeating pattern which is easy to memorize so that you do not have to pay close attention to work. This will eliminate the need for a copy of the pattern and will allow you to still be aware of what is going on around you. This way you can still be participating in the activity without a miscounting of your stitches. Obviously you are there to have a good time with your friends and the crocheting is secondary. So choose something that does not require a lot of your concentration.


I chose a pattern from Defining Crochet Magazine Summer of 2014 issue, a Rib Stitch Techno Case. It was an easy pattern for an IPad Cozy I was planning on Crocheting for a friend of mine that has a birthday in March. This would be the perfect opportunity for me to get ahead and finish it early!

The pattern only required 7 ounces of yarn which means not a lot to carry. The only stitches I used was a chain stitch (The Chain Stitch), single crochet (The Single Crochet) and specialty Rib Stitch which I mastered before I left the house. Rows 5 though 44 were a repeat of two earlier rows which was the deciding factor for choosing this pattern.

So when you are wanting to carry along a project to an outing like a sporting event just remember these three things and you will both enjoy the night out and the progress of your work. First, call ahead and learn the rules. Second, chose an easy project and only bring what you need. And lastly, start the project before you leave the house.

Would love to hear of your experience in this area good and bad. Take the time to pass along your wisdom to future crocheters.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.