A decrease is made by taking two stitches and making it into one. The Triple Decrease is like the double crochet decrease (Double Crochet decrease) except some crocheters think that this one seems to take a little longer, mainly because there are more steps then when we work the double. In the same way the double crochet decrease is made, by working each stitch up to its second to last step and then pulling through all the remaining loops, so for the triple decrease.

This is a useful stitch to master, as you will see it in many pattens. For example doilies, open lacy patterns, shaping such as under the arms on garments; just to name a few.

In addition to the Tr dec, the stitch is also abbreviated tr2tog in patterns. But no matter how it is written it is preformed the same way.

So if you have not taken the time to master this stitch, there is no time like the present Lets get our yarn and hook and get started on the Tripe Decrease.
Triple Decrease Tutorial:

Note: Decreases are usually made by working 2 or more stitches together.


Step 1: Yarn over hook twice, insert on stitch, and draw up a loop. (pictured above)


Step 2: Yarn over and draw loop thru 2 loops on hook. You should have 3 loops left on hook.   (pictured above)


Step 3: Yarn over and insert hook on next stitch, pull up a loop. You now have 5 loops on hook.   (pictured above)


Step 4: Yarn over and draw thru 2 loops. You should have 4 loops on hook.   (pictured above)


Step 5: Yarn over and draw thru 3 loops. You should have 2 loops.   (pictured above)


Step 6: Yarn over and draw thru last 2 loops.   (pictured above)

How does it feel? You have just completed your first Triple crochet Decrease.

If you have already mastered this stitch I would love to hear what type of crochet items you have used it in. Please share!

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.