(copy picture from Herb N Zest web sight)

There are times in all our lives when life just happens. In the middle of last summer was my time for unexpected events and it just seemed to never really get back on track. The nice thing about the New Year’s Day is that it is a brand new year with all kinds of possibilities, with new adventures, new projects and the right time to get back on track. I have determined to get back on my crocheting schedule.

I spend the month of December preparing for Christmas and spring cleaning my house and crossing things off my to do list in order to free up time for January. It is my plan to devote most of the time in January to do all the crocheting that I can. I plan on completing some old projects quickly and starting some new ones that my fingers are just itching to get started on before the months end.

For those of you who are new to my blog, I have a firm rule that I only have three projects going on at one time. I must finish the three I have before I can start any new ones. This rule has saved me from having a lot of unfinished projects from laying around the house, and also helped me to complete my crocheted items in a more timely fashion.

So as I sit here and look out my window upon this cold winter day, I am full of all kinds of ideas and expectations for the new year. The first thing is to finish and catch up and finish three projects that I am working on, all from Annie’s Hook and Needle club.

I just downloaded some audible books to listen to on my Kindle while I crochet my way through some older projects and am looking forward to starting the new ones.

What does the New Year hold in store for you? Have you made any resolutions involving new skills, new stitches or a more challenging pattern you have been dreaming of starting? 2015 is a New Year and a great time to go to New Levels. Are there projects just waiting to be created and crocheted? Would love to hear about them and see what is in store in the upcoming twelve months.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.