Anybody who is acquainted with me will know three things about me within a day or two. First that I am a Christian. I love the Bible, Jesus and everything that relates to being a Christian. Secondly, that I am a family person. My family has always and will always come first in my life. I am not ashamed to admit that my life revolves about my husband and children, and now my grand children. I would rather be with my family more then anyone else on earth, they are my best friends.

Finally, is my love of crochet. I love everything about the art form. When I first was learned how to crochet many years ago, it was not enough just to know a few things. I totally lost myself in this new world of yarn, hooks and patterns that was written in language I was determined to learn. By the end of the first year, although I hadn’t yet mastered and was still dabbling with, not only in the basic stitches, but the more advanced stitches of Tunisian crochet, broomstick, hairpin lace and cro hook stitches. I was like a sponge that just could not soak up enough crocheting. My family was not very craft oriented when I was growing up, so this daily activity was helping me express my more creative energy that was deep inside of me.

Then around the year 1998, I found the joy of sharing my skills with others through teaching. This is when I discovered that I would learn far more from teaching. When I take the time to teach someone I really need to take the time to stop and really understand what they are doing, and how they will do it, and why I did certain things that way. This new adventure in my life was now pushing me to the next level and in a lot of ways made me a better crocheter.

One of my students this week asked me why do I love crocheting? What made me pick it above all the other crafts and hobbies out there. This made me stop and really think about the things I really love about it, and why I find so much joy in furthering my knowledge in it. After much thought, I thought I would share you some of the reasons why I have allowed crocheting to become such a large part of my world.
1. Of all the hobbies there are to choose from today, crocheting is an inexpensive hobby. In the beginning I must admit a lot of it had to do with my budget. I did have two small children at the time and money had to be factored into any decision I made. When I first decided on crocheting, all that it required was a pack of six crochet hooks, a few skeins of yarn and a beginning “How to Book”. Bringing my first investment to just under $20.00 back in 1985 when I first started, believe it or not. I know that yarn and tools have risen in price since then, but crocheting is still one of your least inexpensive hobbies compared to some others ones out there.

2. Crocheting is relaxing and very meditative. When I first decided to take up a hobby it was at the suggestion of a my doctor. He said that people who have hobbies are less likely to have stress related diseases. So I took up a hobby. I do not know I know if this is an accurate statement for others, but I do know in my life crocheting has been a positive activity. It is a time to forget the world and about the problems and just relax.

4. It is so much fun to learn something new. Why do I to Crochet? The new adventure and a new avenue you have never traveled down. I love trying new stitches, new yarn or even new techniques that crocheting always seems to be discovering. Crocheting is a never ending new adventure that can be found over the next skein of yarn.

5. Developing my skill in crocheting has also helped me to become a better person. It has helped in the development of key character traits in my life. Traits such as patience, perseverance and the knowledge that I can set a goal and reach it. The fact that yes I will make mistakes along the way, but I can get back up and try again and still reach the end results.

6. Crocheting has kept my hands from a lot of sinful temptations. Idle hands are better when they are busy. My hubby and I have reached that inevitable stage in life when what we eat is important to our health. We decided together to stop all snacking after dinner, this is so much easier for me when we set down to a Saturday night movie. When I am crocheting it keeps my hands from reaching for that popcorn or any snack food my body is craving. The busying of my hands keeps me from thinking about food. It has really helped with our diet and decision for a healthy life style.

7. Take Crochet Along for the Ride because your projects are fully portable. I can not even begin to count how many family vacations and long car rides, home visits, waiting rooms and even camping trips my crocheting was brought along with me. For example when my hubby and I went to Hawaii and was looking forward to the eight hour airplane ride, it was comforting to know I could enjoy part of that time with my beloved craft to help pass some of the time.

8. Projects have a clear beginning and ending. I love this about crocheting. I know when I start a project that when I get to the last row that the project is complete.

6. Making unique things for my kids. When my daughter was young, and shared my love of Little House on the Prairie and told me one day that she wanted a hat just like Laura Ingalls wore. This was not a common hat in the 20th century so I set down one day and just copied the hat the best I could by watching the show. It made me so happy to present that hat to her and to see her wear it. Crocheting made it possible for me to give her something she wanted that I would not otherwise had been able to. You will discover that you can wear,or make useful house hold items to use or give away as gifts and, they will be one of a kind and completely unique.

7. You will discover the joy of giving to others.

8. Crocheting has helped to keep my fingers nimble. Crocheting has help with my dexterity and has kept my fingers quick and able to still perform small task. It is good exercise for your fingers and hands.

9. I believe crocheting keeps me young. I believe that anything that keeps you excited and moved will help to keep you young. It helps me with my brain because I am always learning something new, whether it is a new stitch or skill. I have heard it said that you should learn something new every year to help keep your brain active. With crocheting there is an endless avenue of new stitches, skills and patterns to try and develop. I always try to push my self to try that next new stitch while at the same time trying to perfect some that I already know. I believe this helps to keep me young.

10. When I am gone to Heaven and my body is no longer here, I would have left behind my mark on the world. With every person I share my love of crocheting with and helped them by learning a new skill that will be with them for a lifetime. With every gift I crochet in love and give as a gift. By giving my children a special item that will one day be a treasured family heirloom. It is a way to leave behind a piece of myself with the ones I love.

I promised myself I would stop at ten, so I have the top ten reasons I love to crochet. On this Thanksgiving day I would like to thank the Lord for giving me a skill that I have enjoyed so much and found so beneficial in my life. Would love to hear some of your reasons why crocheting has become such a huge part of your world. From my house to your house HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Until next time keep those hooks flying.