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If you would have told me last March when I received the bundle from Red Heart (Bundle from Redheart) that the Swanky Skein of yarn would not only be the last one I posted about but the last one I actually used, I would have disagreed. It was not what I expecting to do, since this was the one I was the most eager to use.

The midnight blue yarn with the oval shaped sequins is just stunning, and I could easily imagine it in several beautiful items. My first thought was a shawl for romantic evenings with my husband, a sweater for special holidays or a beautiful scarf for Sunday morning church service. All the possibilities that were running through my head slowly came down to choosing something that would only require one skein.

My place of residence is in a rural area and once I started looking for additional skeins, I soon discovered that they did not sell them in my area, making online shopping my only option. I prefer hands on shopping for yarn when I do some of my projects, if I can help it. Upon this realization, I started looking for one skein patterns and last week I came across an Infinity scarf that was simple, yet elegant looking and required exactly one skein of Red Heart Swanky yarn.

I am including a link for the pattern if you would like to add this scarf to your accessories.

( http://www.mooglyblog.com/suddenly-sparkles-scarf/ ).

This is a relatively easy pattern that requires a working knowledge of the chain stitch (The Chain Stitch), single crochet (The Single Crochet), double crochet (The Double Crochet) and clusters (3-dc Cluster). It works up quickly in only a few hours and requires a J crochet hook.

Red Heart Swanky Yarn Review

My impressions of Swanky yarn is that firstly, the end results are gorgeous. The oval shaped sequins against the dark blue yarn make for a lovely scarf that would add flair to any outfit. It crocheted into a soft fabric and is very delicate; making it truly pleasing to the eye. So much so. that I can see it with my tastes as great for sweaters or shawls.

The yarn is marked as a worsted weight yarn, although I believe this to be more of a light worsted weight yarn. This means it does not feel like a true worsted weight yarn when crocheting with it. I would keep this in mind when crocheting a gauge (How to Gauge) and make the necessary adjustments.

The sequins that Red Heart has woven into the yarn does not cause a hindrance when working. I hardly noticed them as I crocheted, which I was really glad to discover. Although I would suggest you take care when crocheting because the yarn itself seems to snag easily and splits with the hook. This can be a little frustrating until you get used to how the yarn handles, then it is hardly noticeable. Just be careful as you are getting used to it.

I would also like to mentioned that it is recommended that this yarn be hand washed only in cold water and then laid flat for drying. Do not iron or bleach.

Swanky yarn can be found on the Red Heart Web sight and is priced at $6.29 each.

In short, I really liked this yarn. It is something I would gladly buy and use again if I saw it in a store. I really love the look of it in the clothing and already know of several of my friends who would truly enjoy receiving a gift from me crocheted with Swanky yarn.

Would love to hear of your experience using this yarn.

Until next time, Keep those hooks flying.