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This is a children’s class I teach in Northern Illinois for younger crocheters wanting to learn a little more then the chain stitch and single crochet previously learned in our Beginning Children’s class. (Beginning Children’s Crochet Class) Adding to the single crochet and chain stitch we will learn the slip stitch, rib stitch and whip stitches.

At the end of this 90 minute class we would have made a small chain purse with a cute Lazy Daisy Flower proudly displayed on the front. This is a great class to start the journey into the wonderful world of crocheting. Many in this class find that they love crocheting as they master these new stitches and then take the next step to develop these new skills in Crocheting 101 class. (Crocheting 101 )

I would suggest you take the Children’s Beginner Class before you sign up for this one.  I have included the link for Class description.

Beginning Children’s Crochet Class