This is a post sharing information about one of the classes I teach in northern Illinois.

The Broomstick Lace stitch is a crochet technique from the 19th century according to Wikipedia. The stitch is also known as Jiffy Lace, Peacock Stitch, Witchcraft, and Lattice Loop, but it is most commonly known as the Broomstick or Jiffy Lace stitch. Whatever you decide to call it, it is a beautiful crochet stitch that works exceptionally well when making shawls, afghans, baby blankets, scarves, and other items.

It would do you well to learn to do this old method of crocheting if you are a serious crocheter since its uniqueness makes for beautiful gift giving. The weekend crocheter benefits because of the simplicity of the stitch and the ease it takes in learning it. This pretty open worked lace design can be done with both thread and yarn. It is for a person who would like to expand their crocheting knowledge.

In this one day class you will crochet a lacy small scarf. The class lasts for four hours and a knowledge of a chain stitch and single crochet are recommended.