When Red Heart sent me the yarn bundle last March to use and review, (Bundle from Redheart) they included a large nylon canvas tote Red Heart Tote Bag. Since that time I have many opportunities to try it out and use it.

The black and cherry red bag with the Red Heart logo on the front has been very useful, particularly when I did not really want to carry my larger and more stocked crocheting bag that I usually carry as I teach. It was great for carrying one project around at a time with me. Since I believe a tote bag is almost as essential to crocheting as your hooks and yarn, I wanted to include it in my review for Red Heart.

Some of the pros:

It has a large roomier inner pocket measuring 20 inches by 14 inches, and one outer pocket that was great for carrying my pattern and some crochet notions. I have found it useful many times when I was in the car or visiting a friend and wanted the convenience of carrying a smaller bag.

I am not sure, but I believe it to be water proof. I was sitting next to someone who knocked over a drink and to my relief it did not leak though onto my yarn and pattern. I need more testing with this matter.

The construction of the bag was strong and seemed to be stitched with efficiency. The stitching was well done and I felt confident when carried my projects in it.

When not in use, the bag is easily folded and can be tucked away for future use.

Some of the cons:

There is no way to close the bag at the top, so if you are not careful some things could fall out. Still, the bag pocket is deep and this is unlikely unless it actually tipped over.

Before I end my review, I must admit that I love receiving tote bags and that I love bags of many sorts and kind. I think its something like a purse or shoe addiction ! This was just an added bonus for me when I received the yarn. If you are like me, you can never have to many tote bags for your yarn.

All and all I have really enjoyed putting this bag to use and sporting the Red Heart Logo. I found this a welcome addition to my collection of tote bags for my crocheting needs.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.