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If you have no experience with the Crossed Double Crochet, then you are going to enjoy mastering it. It has more of a three-dimensional effect than just using the basic double crochet stitch.

To master this stitch you will need to know the chain stitch (The Chain Stitch) and the double crochet. (The Double Crochet) If you are ready for your new adventure, grab a ball of yarn and a crochet hook and lets begin. The skill level for this stitch is Easy, making this a great stitch for a new crocheter.


You will want to start with a chain stitch in multiples of twos. I am going to chain 10 for the tutorial.

2014-11-03 07.51.01

Step 1: Double Crochet in fifth chain from hook. (The first three chain counts as a double crochet) (pictured above)

2014-11-03 07.51.23

Step 2: Go back one stitch and Double crochet in the fourth chain. (pictured above)

2014-11-03 07.51.54

Step 3: Skip the next stitch and double crochet in the next stitch. (pictured above)

2014-11-03 07.52.12

Step 4: From the front, make a double crochet in the skipped stitch. (pictured above)

2014-11-03 07.56.09

Step 5: Repeat steps 2 and 3 across. (pictured above)

2014-11-03 07.53.45

Step 6: We are ending with a Double Crochet in the last stitch. (pictured above)

This will give you four crossed double crochet with a double crochet in your first and last stitch.

You have just completed the crossed double crochet! Experiment and master the stitch and then I would love to hear what you think. This is a stitch I have used in many patterns over the years.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.